See that your child has a primary health provider.
Knowing a paediatrician and family doctor who are well known to your active little toddler, can, on many occasions, preempt an illness or infection before it takes a hold.
Check that your immunisations are always up to date.
We are all aware of how many millions of children around the world have been saved from dire infections and death due to vaccinations.
Teach your child to swim as early as you can.

Drum it into him or her that they must always have some older person with them when they are near water.
We taught our children to swim with all their clothes on, including shoes, the theory being that when a child falls into a dam or pool they are usually fully clothed which is hampering.
Get them used to a helmet – even when they are still on three wheelers.
Sunscreen must be an application that has been accepted from their earliest days.
Most of all – HAVE FUN – hug, laugh and play together.