When you introduce him or her to their first exciting experience of transferring to a ‘real, grown up bed’,  to help create more safety, see that the bed is against a wall and then place a pool noodle along the open side of the bed, under the fitted sheet.
This gives that little extra protection from falling out of the bed which can set the growing up process back quite a bit.
Never leave your toddler unattended.
This is really an obvious, perhaps unnecessary thing to say, but now is the time when natural curiosity develops and it only takes a few seconds for them to find themselves in dangerous, potentially disastrous situations.
Take no nonsense about car seats!
Many toddlers furiously resist being strapped into a seat in the back.
Have something to distract them like a toy or favourite snack.
These items could be hurled at your head!
Don’t give up – there is nothing that scares me more than seeing a toddler standing up in the front of a car, peering out of the windscreen.