A sore throat in a baby who has just started solids can benefit from soothing warm tea or clear soup.
Do not be tempted to add a little honey, as babies often cannot cope with the spores in honey which affect their digestive tracts, which are still undeveloped completely.
Certainly a little diluted apple juice is a good soothing drink for a little one.
Congestion, if your baby is over six months, can be helped with camomile.
Make a weak tea, like a bag steeped in 500 ml hot water for three minutes. Sip on it two or three times a day.
The Amazing Home Problem Solver urges that, before you use this, check with your doctor first.
Steam is an excellent decongester.
If you do not have a humidifier, keep the baby with you in a steamy bath or shower for a while then wrap him/her up quickly with a warmed towel and pop into bed.