We are all discouraged from using too much plastic around the house because it is so indestructible and eco unfriendly, but there is no denying that, on occasion, freezer and Ziplock bags are immensely useful.
They are ideal for keeping your shoes in good shape and dust free.
Packing for a trip is easier and cleaner when the shoes are in bags.
Ziplocks will save time, mess and effort if you want crushed ice.
Fill and seal a bag with water.
Freeze it until it is stone hard.
Bash away with a cloth covered hammer, or just throw it on the floor until it is sufficiently crushed!
Those mineral deposits that block the little holes in your shower head are the devil to clear, and it is no fun, especially on a cold winter morning to have only half of the head spouting water!
Fill a plastic sandwich bag with white vinegar (or any other that you have, itâ??s just that white is cheaper)
Put the bag over the shower head so it is completely immersed in the vinegar.
Attach the bag with elastic or a rubber band.
Leave to soak overnight.
Next day, remove and, if necessary, clean out any bits of loosened deposits in the holes with a toothpick or an old tooth brush.