Even more than we used to, with today’s economic climate, leftovers have taken on a new dimension.

Remember all those leftover veggies that we would toss on to the compost heap, or into the waste bin?  Think again.
If you dice and gently sauté them in a good olive oil that you have flavoured with your favourite seasonings â??  I love garlic, basil and a bit of pepper â?? you can use this mixture as a filling for a quiche, or vegetable pies, or the base for a super vegetable curry.
Maybe those ideas don’t appeal so much, but at least mix your bits and pieces into the dog’s food.
Who can remember that wonderful Bubble and Squeak that our families made out of leftover cabbage and potato cubes, fried up for breakfast or supper?
Unless you have an alcoholic in the family, never throw out any left over wine.
It makes a great vinaigrette dressing when you substitute half the vinegar for the wine.
Keep leftover wine in ice cubes and when you are making stews, casseroles or soups, pop in a few cubes for that extra flavour.
Wine is a good tenderizer for meat.
Put the meat in a sealed container or zip lock bag and shake it around now and again and leave overnight.
I add garlic flakes to the wine, but then again, I am a garlic freak!