Who washes the washing machine? It’s a question worth asking yourself, as it’s been found that washing machines can harbour some of the worst bacteria out there (washed off intimates and filthy clothes)…

Start with a wipe down

Wipe down the outside of the machine with a hot soapy cloth.

Don’t forget to get into the seal around the door on front loaders – it tends to harbour water from previous washes that can get funky fast.

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Wipe out the detergent and fabric conditioner drawers too, as they tend to get a little manky after a while.

Clean the filter

A clean filter helps the machine run better, as well as ensuring that it keeps doing its job well.

This  can be a messy job if the filter’s a little clogged, so keep some old towels to hand to mop up spills quickly.

Run a hot cycle

Pop a bottle of white vinegar in the drum, and run a good cup of vinegar per compartment and through the detergent and fabric conditioner drawers too.

Then throw 4-5 dishwasher tablets in the drum and run it on its hottest cycle to clean and flush the machine.

Voilà! A sparkling clean and disinfected washing machine, ready for the next load of clothes. We suggest doing this at least once a month, although you can up that to once a week if you do a lot of laundry (or are a little fussy about hygiene).