Whether it’s a rainy day and you are trapped inside, or a way to occupy yourself during a boring TV marathon or just some tasks to get out of the way when you have a little spare time, there are a good few chores we don’t need to do regularly but do need to attend to once in a while…

Organise things before they get out of hand

Kitchen drawers, the remote collection, take-out menus you keep close and the music and DVD collection all need an occasional seeing-to to keep your house sane. If you have a junk drawer, now’s the time to tackle it too.

Bonus points if you polish and clean your shoe collection as well and untangle and organise your jewellery so it’s always ready to wear.

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Brave people can sort out their make-up collection!

Clean the oven

While it’s no one’s favourite task, cleaning the oven helps prevent contamination of food and keeps fire risks to a minimum.

If you’re feeling strong, you can clean under the kitchen sink too.

Stay on top of paperwork

From shredding old mail for safety of your data, to making sure your birthday list calendar is up to date, now’s the time!

Be sure to sort out receipts to keep for tax purposes so there isn’t a year-end rush and maybe sort out your card list for the holidays.

Now might be a good time to ensure your to-do list is in good shape too.

Using a dull day productively makes you feel great and helps you keep on top of life’s little tasks too.