In a hurry to dry off your lettuce for the salad after you have spun and rinsed it all and the leaves are still wet?
Get your hair dryer, put it on cool and blow gently.
If you can’t, for the life of you, find the grater to make your orange or lemon zest, head for the workshop and find a fine metal file.
Make sure it is 100% clean and you can go ahead and grate your rinds.
Another workshop tool that can come in useful is using a small handsaw to cut up your rack of spare ribs at a braai.
Some of us still have the odd shoehorn somewhere in the house, although I don’t think they are used for shoes much anymore.
Keep one in a kitchen drawer.
The broad end is just right to remove the kernels from mielie cobs and the skinny end can come in useful to loosen round the edges of baked goodies like muffins or cupcakes.