Safety guidelines for babies

Here are some safe bed-sharing guidelines to be aware of if you have a baby.

Do you smoke?

If either or both parents are smokers, do not share your bed with your infant. Rather let him or her sleep on another bed in your room.


If you or your partner/spouse is obese, consider not sharing a bed with your baby as it is relatively easy for you to turn during the night and hurt him or her unintentionally.

Pets and other children

Do not allow other children and pets to sleep on the same bed as your baby.

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Avoid using lots of bedding when bed sharing. This may include fluffy pillows, duvets and heavy quilts.

Avoid dangers

Push the bed against the wall so that there are no gaps that your baby could get trapped into.

Remember to place your baby on his back when sleeping and not on his stomach. Chat to your doctor if you have any concerns regarding sleeping safety for you and your baby.

Source: Mama Magic Milestones magazine, 2017

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