Keep the flu away

Help to keep the flu away by doing some of the following:

Wash your hands

The easiest and simplest way to stay away from germs is to keep your hands clean. If you are for some reason unable to wash your hands, be sure to keep a small bottle of hand sanitiser in your handbag or on your desk at work, so that you have one that is readily available when needed.

Trigger-point massage

Ruwaida Sulaiman, a physiotherapist, suggests having a trigger-point massage on a regular basis as this will help to reduce muscle tension when stressed. In addition, it will also improve immunity as well as blood circulation, she says.

Enjoy an immune-boosting smoothie

Kim Hofmann, a dietician, says that an immune boosting smoothie that contains good amounts of vitamins C and A can help the body fight infection. Try blending the following ingredients together and chill before serving: a banana, two cups of fresh spinach, a cup of orange segments, a cup of water, a cup of grated carrots, two cups of strawberries, four tablespoons of nuts as well as half a cup of blueberries.

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Source: Clicks ClubCard magazine, Issue 3, 2017

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