Every woman knows that sinking feeling of realising the dishes in the sink need your attention when you just have the perfect manicure sorted. Make sure you can keep up a perfect set of nails, even with household tasks demanding your attention…

Get off to a good start

Obviously, the better the manicure, the longer it will last, no matter what you throw at it.

Make sure you have a solid, chip-proof mani.

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Gel nails are great for wear-and-tear, but you can strengthen even a regular polish by making sure to swab the nails with nail polish remover before you start – it removes excess oil and helps the polish bind better.

Remember it takes up to 24 hours for polish to harden properly, so don’t jump into cleaning too soon.

Wear protection

Always good advice!

Invest in a hardy set of dishwashing gloves – there are some super cute ones on the market – to protect your nails and skin from the worst of the damage that cleaners can cause.

Finish right

Rub a good body- or cuticle oil into your hands once you’re done and follow up with a rich hand-cream to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out too much.

It is possible to keep them looking good – even when heavy-duty scrubbing is needed!