Breakfast is, as they say, the most important meal of the day – and what’s breakfast without fluffy and delectable scrambled eggs? If you’re looking to claim the title of Breakfast Master Chef, then this is the one recipe you need to nail…

The ingredient list is simple:

  • 4 large eggs (or two per person, this recipe feeds two, so scale everything proportionally).
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon butter

Crack the eggs into the salt and whip together until you have a completely pale yellow syrup (about 30 seconds with an electric whisk). Let the foam dissipate.

Pop the butter in a non-stick pan on medium low heat.

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Add the egg mixture and let it cook undisturbed until you start seeing a thin layer of cooked egg at the edges.

Use a rubber spatula to push the eggs around in broad, sweeping strokes. Start at the edges, then across the base.

When they’re looking fluffy and barely set, it’s time to serve! If you like your eggs a little more cooked, give them an extra 15 seconds or so from this point.

Voilà! Your perfect scrambled eggs are done.

Add some creativity with a parmesan and basil combo, some cream cheese and chives, or even just some grated cheddar added halfway through cooking and people will be begging for more.