Babies are expensive little treasures and we all know the irresistible temptations to buy all those rinky dink little geegaws that we see out in the market place.
Remember that babies are just as happy playing with a plastic bottle with dry beans inside, which makes a very satisfying rattle.
Need I say that you will make the lid VERY secure?
Keep all the yoghurt, cream cheese and marj tubs for the baby to play with in the bath’
They will love banging them and filling them with water to spill out again.
They are learning different textures and shapes too.
Make foot rattles by stitching budgie bells to the toes of a pair of baby socks.
Don’t they all love kicking their feet and it is fun to observe the delight on their faces when the bells ring?.
I saw a site on bing that had lots more super ideas.
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