Losing weight can be frustrating and tough sometimes. It’s that way for everyone. It takes a high level of commitment over an extended period of time to see it work…

This does NOT suit the way that we’ve become used to things working. In our high-tech, ‘fast-food’ and results-focused world, we don’t like to wait for things anymore.

So we often get annoyed at the long-term schlep that weight loss seems to be. This has led a number of more creative dieters to come up with diet plans that ‘work’, but are clearly unhealthy in the long term. Some may lead to fleeting weight loss but could come with some severe consequences.

Here are some of the diets you should NEVER try:

1. The Twinkie diet

Want a ten-week diet in which you’ll lose around 12kg eating doughnuts and other junk food? Well, the Twinkie Diet may be for you (that’s a joke)! In 2010 a professor from Kansas State University ate only these ‘naughty’ foods and lost an amazing amount of weight.

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Why did it work?

Because he ate fewer calories than he expended.

Was it good for him?

No. Junk foods contain very little NUTRITION, and a lot of chemicals, fat and sugar, so this is not a good diet to follow, unless you’re OK with being thinner but very ill.

Twinkie (Image source: Pixabay.com)

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