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An unreleased George Harrison track is set to go up for auction later this week, as well as a series of previously unseen images of the Beatles…

The Indian-influenced, 1968 song “Hello Miss Mary Bee” was written for Harrison’s good friend Mary Bee around the same time as his first solo album “Wonderwall Music” was released.

It comes on a reel-to-reel tape with several alternative recordings of Beatles hits and several letters written to Bee while Harrison was in India with his wife Pattie Boyd.

In one letter Boyd wrote that Harrison had “just come into the kitchen singing Mary Bee, Mary Bee about to make a lovely cup of tea.”

An original manuscript score for the 1966 hit ‘Eleanor Rigby’ is to be auctioned by Omega Auctions, Warrington on 11th September 2017 as part of their Beatles Memorabilia Auction. (Image source: Omega Auctions)

70 previously unseen negatives of the British band

Also up for sale are 70 previously unseen negatives of the British band taken in 1967 just before the death of their manager Brian Epstein.

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The items are expected to fetch 15,000 pounds (around R252,000) when they go under the hammer at Omega Auctions Beatles Memorabilia sale in Warrington, near the Beatles hometown of Liverpool, on Sunday.

Auctioneer Paul Fairweather said he was expecting worldwide interest in the sale.

“Whichever lucky person buys the collection will have exclusive access to a piece of history from George’s most influential period as both a Beatle and solo artist,” he said.

“It is an incredible song which really shows George’s fun-loving and caring side.”

Also included in the sale are a bible once belonging to Eleanor Rigby, together with the deeds to her grave. The lot includes a certificate of purchase for grave space at Woolton Parish Church, a receipt for the purchase of the grave and the costs associated, along with a miniature bible dated 1899 that Eleanor has clearly written her name in. (Image source: Omega Auctions)

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