What exactly is a bedbug?

A bedbug is a small, oval insect that can be described as being ‘brownish’ in colour.  However, they can appear to be red after they have fed off the blood from either humans or animals. An adult or fully grown bedbug is approximately the same size as an apple seed.

Can bedbugs fly?

No, bedbugs cannot fly.

Infestation signs

You could have a bedbug infestation if you experience sudden itchiness in areas of your body that felt fine before going to bed, if you see blood stains or bedbug excrement on your bedding, or if you smell an offensive odour (usually from the bedbugs’ scent glands).

What you should do?

If you think that your furniture or other items have been infested with bedbugs, begin treatment by firstly cleaning the items with hot water and drying them ‘on the highest dryer setting’.

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You should also ensure that your bed as well as the area around your bed is kept neat and clean at all times, by vacuuming, dusting, etc. Repair cracks or any areas where bedbugs can hide.

Many people opt to buy a new bed if their old one is infested.

Bedbug extermination often requires the use of chemical treatments. If you are uncertain on what precautions to take, rather get a pest control professional to do the extermination for you.

Source: WebMD

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