When your child suffers, you suffer. But whatâ??s worse, is not knowing why or whatâ??s wrong. This is a review of My Child has Crohnâ??s Disease, by Philippa Garson.
Imagine that feeling of helplessness. The endless visits to doctors and specialists, the blood tests, the prodding and poking. The various forms of medication to which you subject your little oneâ??s body. The crying, the frustration, and the disruption to your life and to your family.

Meet Ella Garson

She is seven years old. She was diagnosed with Crohnâ??s Disease, and this article takes you on a journey of discovery with a mother who struggles to come to terms with the diagnosis, and tries everything to find a way to help her daughter.
South African born journalist Philippa Garson, with a celebrated career of writing about HIV/Aids, health, politics and education, while trying to stay up-beat about the diagnosis, went into research mode on everything Crohnâ??s.
She battled with all the questions in her head. What is Crohnâ??s? Why does Ella have it? How did she get it?
Countless hours of research revealed confusing information, and different doctors recommended different types of drugs, diets and more. But as a mother, Philippa had to make sure that her seven-year-old daughter would benefit from the ordeal of experimentation, no matter what the cost.
In her own words, Philippa explains: â??To discover that my child is chronically ill was to be tipped into a never-ending nightmare. Itâ??s as if the world’s axis had shifted, so total was the experience. I railed against the unfairness of it all. I wished more than anything that I could trade places with her: I had lived a long and rich life already. She was only seven. â??Give it to me, instead,” I wanted to scream. “Iâ??ll take it on.â?
If you want to read this article, go and have a look  It is recommended by mothers to mothers, whether you have a child with a chronic illness or not.
Journalist Qaanitah Hunter, who I approached for the purpose of this article, had the following to say: 

â??Prior to me reading My Child Has Crohnâ??s Disease I had no clue that the disease in question even existed let alone its finer details. Garson used her journalistic abilities to traverse the reader from ignorance to a realm of the known.

In describing her childâ??s battle with Crohnâ??s, she explained the illness in great detail to an extent that it clarified all questions and queries in the reader’s mind… What was appealing to me was that the author exposed the reader to a vast amount of literature but in a simplified manner for someone, like me, who has no medical inclinations…

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Will I recommend it? Most definitely

Her thorough research will be positively appreciated by many and will also create an awareness of the illness.�

To read the full longform article, go to South Africaâ??s one and only longform journalism site, www.mampoer.co.za, where youâ??ll find the finest writing from South Africaâ??s top writers.