Children learn compassion just by watching you, absorbing your attitude with regard to compassion, and participating in your own activities as a compassionate person. As a mother, you are your childâ??s most important role model, and the most influential person to teach your children compassion.
1.  Be compassionate yourself to people and animals, and your compassion will rub off on your children as well. Let your children see you acting in a compassionate way with other people in order for them to from your example. Be there for them and love them unconditionally.
2.  Find positive acts in which your children can participate that demonstrate compassionate behaviour. For example, perhaps you’ve found a stray dog and have taken her home. If you decide to keep the dog, have your children help clean and feed her, take her to the vet with you, and give her a new home. This will help teach your children to be compassionate, and that everyone â?? people as well as animals â?? deserves love and care.
3.  Read or tell stories on compassion to your children. These can be drawn from books, DVDs, your faith, your spiritual sources, your general beliefs, and stories you’ve loved yourself. A visit to your local library costs nothing, and is a wonderful way for your children to find books or DVDs in order to learn how to be compassionate. Alternatively, be creative and tell your children â??made-upâ?? stories about people who have been compassionate towards other people and/or animals. There are also many stories and books on how animals can be compassionate towards people.
4.  Volunteer with your children. Find a suitable volunteer opportunity and get involved in it as a family. Visit people in hospital, help in a public garden, take some gift to a sick friend, do a fun-run for charity, or help clean up litter on your beach or at the park. These are ways to teach your children compassion, and they will benefit emotionally from giving of their time to others or to various projects.

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