Whether forced into it or making the conscious choice to raise children by themselves, many men and women alike are finding themselves raising childen alone. There are cons but there are also pros…

There are some definite pros and cons to being a single parent both for men and women

Pro: Single parents share a special bond with their children

They are the soul providers and must be involved in every aspects of their childrenâ??s lives. This can make the relationship between parent and child closer. This strong bond can last throughout life and is extremely special.

Pro: Single parents can pay special attention to their children

If there is only one child in the family, this can be even more relevant. The single parent can take time for important matters such as homework, sporting events, and fun activities both parent and child can do together.

Pro: Single parents can raise their children to be independent

This leads to children who become well-adjusted adults and lead normal lives. Many seek higher education and become professionals in a chosen field.

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Pro: Children of single parents learn to take on responsibility at an early age

This is because they are often required to help around the house. This can include various chores and other necessary activities. This encourages independence and enables them to learn to deal with difficult situations.

Importance of including the other parent

Single parents who are on good terms with the other parent can help them continue to strengthen their bonds. Children who have both parents in their lives will be well-adjusted provided the situations and relationships are good.

The cons of single parenting

Con: Emotional trauma of divorce

The emotional trauma caused by divorce or the splitting up of two parents can cause problems for both the parents and children. The support of friends and family will help and counselling can provide direction and perspective. This will help to strengthen the bond.

Con: Single parents often feel guilty for having to work

Often, the parent feels as if the children are being neglected and the children may feel the same.

Con: Cash-strapped single parents often feel guilty

This may be especially true if the children constantly see their friends with new clothes or shoes and feel bad because they donâ??t have them too.

Con: Single parents know their children wonâ??t grow up in a two-parent home

They often feel guilty for the ending of the relationship with the other parent and this guilt can affect the relationship between parent and child. This sometimes results in the single parent overcompensating by trying to provide too many material items.

Though there are many pros and cons to being a single parent, the cons can often be dealt with in a way that will improve the overall situation. As stated above, counselling and support will make a major difference to your child’s future.