Last updated on Jun 22nd, 2021 at 11:29 am

Last night I decided to go for the woman-of-the-year award (Noddy badge for grown women) and prepare a delicious home-made meal for my five children…
I spent hours peeling and preparing vegetables, crying over onions, sautéing meat and burning rice. 
Supper was fabulous, albeit the rice presented like a burnt offering to my Greek God wannabes 
When the family had feasted, for 10 full minutes, on the fruits of my hours of labour, they darted from the table. Some, more cynical, and less than holy, women may consider my efforts not worth the gain, but not I. 
That my family has eaten a good, wholesome home cooked meal is all the reward I need. 
Now for my next great rewarding task: cleaning the kitchen
Ok, who am I kidding?  This is a pretty thankless job. If you think otherwise, I need to tell you that drinking is drinking, even if it is the cooking sherry.
Pleasing both teens and tots at the table is not an easy task
I think that the solution lies in finding the common food preferences among the children. Berry is eating with the dream of making vogue cover girl in her Matric dance dress and so vegetables and salads are her idea of a good supper. She is also a carnivore of note and likes her blood lust to be catered for. 
Rae is at varsity and feeds herself during the week
Having nearly morphed into a Chinese girl, by way of a 2-minute noodle overload, by the week-end, she looks forward to home cooked meals. Unlike her sister, she is pro saving Bambi and the four-legged inhabitants of old Mc Donaldâ??s farm.  
I can therefore deduce that when choosing the common denominator between the girlâ??s food preferences, I would need to prepare food that I could theoretically have grown, as opposed to have killed. 
Enter the tots
Bunny boy is opposed to eating rabbits, as a direct result of what they may have chosen for their last meal. The deciding factor of what he will not eat can be directly linked to anything that a rabbit will eat.  
His eating mission statement is to be the Kelloggâ??s poster boy. He cannot fathom why food choices outside of the cereal group would even be considered. He does, however, have one exception and will eat trees (broccoli) well disguised in cheese sauce.
So, so far the common food denominator bridging the age gap would appear to be trees.
Enter the ferocious, continually ravenous teenage boy, Jk
Jk eats most food types, with a preference for food that comes in very large quantities. He does, however, have a pet dislike. Please note that this pet dislike is not his dog, which I had no intention of cooking. 
Jk hates trees, no matter how well disguised in cheese sauce!
Common food denominators are now officially reduced to rice (albeit burnt), cereal and dessert. 
I guess I wonâ??t be considered for a Noddy badge, never mind mother-of-the-year award. My supper options are now reduced to the Spur or porridge…decisions, decisions…