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Woolworths recently launched its ‘Moms Tours’ campaign to promote healthy eating for kids…

Packing kids’ lunchboxes is the bane of many a mom’s existence  – even more difficult when your kids aren’t interested in eating what’s good for them. With this in mind, Woolies and the Sport Science Institute of South Africa have launched ‘Moms Tours’ of local Woolworths stores, led by dieticians.

These give parents the opportunity to learn about healthy eating habits and how to pack a balanced lunchbox for their children. On the first tour, which took place in Woolworths Cavendish in late May, the focus was on snacks and lunchboxes. Parents were provided with guidelines on how to decipher nutritional information on packaging and how to use this knowledge.

â??Parents always ask me whether kids should be snacking, and my answer is definitely yes,â? says Woolworths Dietician Maryke van Zyl. â??Due to growth, development and high activity levels itâ??s essential for kids to snack, but one must distinguish between snacks and treats.
â??Snack foods are foods that are more nutrient-rich than treats. Snack foods contain more nutrients per gram of food when compared with treats, which often contain larger quantities of sugar and fat, are more energy dense and are therefore best consumed occasionally,â? explains Maryke.
â??Parents also need to be aware of the importance of ensuring that snacks do not replace meals, as well as adjusting snacks to their childâ??s individual activity level, growth and appetite.â?

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Woolworths dietician, Haley Daries (left) addressing mothers.

If you’d like to participate in a Moms Tour at your local Woolworths, you’ll be happy to hear that the tours, which will be organised through primary schools, will be rolling out to other regions in the near future. To book your place or for more info, contact Amanda Mhluzi (

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