Factors that increase your risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Here are some factors that can increase a person’s risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease:

Are you a smoker?

Studies have estimated that smokers can develop Alzheimer’s disease approximately just over two years earlier than those who do not smoke. In addition, other studies say that a person is at an increased risk of experiencing the disease as well as other forms of dementia by 50 per cent, if they smoke.

Furthermore, ‘the smoking effect is even greater in individuals who have a genetic predisposition to develop Alzheimers’.


It seems that people who consume a minimum of two alcoholic beverages a day can develop the condition just under five years earlier than those who do not consume any alcohol at all.

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Lower your risk!

Consider giving up the smoking habit if it applies to you – there are many great health benefits in doing so, apart from reducing your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition, reduce your intake of alcohol if you tend to overindulge on a regular basis.

Exercising regularly may be beneficial in that it can help to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, as it encourages blood flow to the brain.

Chat to your doctor about the necessity of taking vitamin E as well as omega 3 fatty acid supplements as their benefits as well as effectiveness in preventing Alzheimer’s disease has not been fully established.

Source: Women’s Health for Life, Dr Sarah Jarvis and a team of world class women doctors

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