Is it possible to breastfeed after a boob job? The answer may surprise you…
In most cases, there is absolutely no reason why a woman who has had plastic surgery on her breasts should have difficulty breastfeeding
As long as the damage to breast tissue is minimized, then there is nothing preventing you from successfully breastfeeding your baby. Of course, the ease of breastfeeding will vary from individual to individual, but this is just as true for women who have not had surgery, itâ??s just a matter of physiology.
The breast is made up of a series of milk ducts, glands, nerves, and muscle tissue.   The ducts all channel to the nipple, where milk is extracted either by a breast pump or by a nursing baby. 
The ability to breastfeed successfully directly relates to the function of these ducts and nerves.  In order for milk to be produced and extracted, the entire system needs to be in proper working order.
Different types of breast surgery can affect the inner mechanism of the breast in different ways
Those which would cause the most trouble in terms of breastfeeding are those which result in severing of the ducts or nerves or repositioning of the nipple. Any of these can cause a disconnect in the milk production and transmission process, which would prevent normal breastfeeding.
Fortunately, most surgeons today use techniques which are minimally invasive and will not drastically affect the ducts or nerves. 
Breast reduction surgery is more likely to cause breastfeeding problems
Generally, breast reduction surgery is the most likely to cause trouble with breastfeeding as it usually involves repositioning of the nipples which can affect a babies ability to get milk directly from the milk ducts.
Breast implants can cause issues depending on where they are positioned in the breasts. If they put pressure on the milk glands, they can impede flow, but if they are positioned away from the glands they present no problem at all. 
Similarly, any surgery which involves an incision in or around the areola is more likely to cause nerve damage that effects breastfeeding.
But surgeons have many options for making their incisions, including the soft tissue under the breast or the armpit, so this can easily be avoided.
Providing that the surgery is performed carefully, it should not affect your ability to breastfeed
If you have questions or concerns or are experiencing difficulty breastfeeding after surgery, talk to your doctor. There may be a very simple solution that can get you and your baby back on track in no time.
Donâ??t let the fact that youâ??ve had breast surgery stop you from enjoying one of the most natural and emotional experiences a mother and baby can have. Breast surgery is not a barrier to breastfeeding and even if there are complications, there are always solutions for them. 
Talk to your doctor today and breathe easy when it comes to breastfeeding.