Has anyone ever asked if you are related to someone you’re not? Have you ever waved at a friend across the street and then realised it wasn’t them? Or have you recognized an actor in a movie, only to later find out it was someone else?

The word, doppelgänger, which nowadays means a look-alike, is German in origin and literally means “double-goer.” In some traditions, they believed that this identical stranger was an evil twin, sent as a harbinger of doom. In other stories, the doppelgänger appears as the ghost of a living person… Creepy!

Skip to 2017 and science has taught us that genetics can be pretty weird and sometimes two completely unrelated people just look eerily similar.

Like Rob Lowe and Ian Somerhalder, pictured above. With their piercing blue eyes and strong jawlines, these two Hollywood hunks could be father and son.

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