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An innovative concept, Equal Zealâ?¢ provides the resources and tools necessary to lead a positive lifestyle in a demanding and sometimes threatening world. The parenting workshop, Zeal for Life â?¢, founded by Zelna Lauwrens, helps parents and children focus on individual areas that require improvement by inspiration and motivation.

â??The work will wait while you show your child the rainbow, but the rainbow wonâ??t wait while you do the work.â?


Zeal for Life Parenting Workshops: What every Parent wants

The Zeal for Life parenting workshops provide your family with positive intervention, powerful tools and life skill techniques to help children cope with social change, enhance their ability to learn, think, cope with stress and become emotionally and socially intelligent. 

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â??â??As parents, we all hope for our children to be able to express greater self confidence and self acceptance, have a greater sense of self awareness, withstand the pressures of modern society and manage stress in a positive way. Zeal for Life teaches children how to do that and more: make good choices and be aware of the responsibility that goes with those decisions, learn how to set realistic and achievable goals and learn  the dynamics of a balanced lifestyle,â??â?? explains Zelna.

The Zeal for Lifeâ?¢ Family workshops assist the development of such well-balanced children through programmes designed to promote positive internal growth in children and their families, offering parents a chance to strengthen the family bond to a greater degree whilst keeping children motivated and empowered  by enabling them to reach their full potential.

Equal Zeal Training: What does it involve?

The Equal Zealâ?¢ philosophy comes from showing great energy and enthusiasm to accomplish goals, because the amount of enthusiasm and energy one puts into life will equal the rewards you receive. This philosophy forms the basis of the Zeal for Lifeâ?¢ workshops, which are meant to be fun, relaxing and informal â?? encouraging inspiration, motivation and learning through role-play.

â??â??Play is the best way to get back to basics and build family relationships! Play is the order of the day…and play you will!” says Lauwrens.

All Equal Zeal training is linked to the creative right side of the brain where skills development is ultimately acquired. The creative process involves constructive play through interactive games, stories, role plays, visual presentations, creative arts and music – tools used effectively to foster enjoyment and lifelong learning whilst developing skills for living a balanced life.

Zeal for Lifeâ?¢ Family Workshop: How it works

The Zeal for Life workshops is aimed at kiddies from Grade R to Grade 5 level who are then grouped accordingly in the Micro and Mini Zeal categories.  The workshops for each age group provides the foundation for a sound emotional intelligence (EQ), featuring such core principles as awareness of your feelings and how they influence behavior, teaching children to actively manage   emotions to facilitate better choices, motivate themselves, choose appropriate behavior (how they want to act and behave) and use their skills to their best of their ability.

The parenting workshops essentially help your child acquire emotional intelligence, self awareness, a positive self image, self acceptance and increased self confidence. By boosting kidsâ?? motivation levels and teaching them goal setting principles, self discipline and changing restrictive behaviour patterns, children are better equipped to achieve better results in all areas â?? academic, physical, emotional and social.

Zeal for Life: Making the connection between thoughts, actions & consequences

The Zeal for Lifeâ?¢ foundation programme emphasizes seeing children once a week for three hours over a period of four weeks and requires the involvement of parents who participate with children in the first and last week of the programme, connecting family members and committing them to expectations. Families are invited for maintenance sessions called Zeal Reunited on a quarterly basis.

Extensive groundwork in the Zeal for Lifeâ?¢ Foundation programme educates children about the physiology of the brain, creating an understanding of their own thinking patterns and how these influence their actions.

â??â??Children who are better able to understand basic brain physiology have a greater awareness and understanding of their own thinking and how these thoughts influence their actions,â??â?? says Zelna Lauwrens. This ability helps children make choices with consequences in mind, which makes for greater family and peer relationships.

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All workshops are run on Saturdayâ??s onsite at the Equal Zealâ?¢ premises in Fourways.  The investment fee (R1800) is inclusive of free assessment, venue, refreshments, materials, parent manual and goodie bag filled with activity sheets, sticker charts and various motivational tools.  All workshop costs are quoted per child with a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 18 participants.

Please enquire about special rates applicable for siblings. Please note all prices exclude VAT. For more information on what Equal Zealâ?¢ has to offer visit or contact Zelna Lauwrens on 011 460 0088 (OH) or 082 4473343 or alternatively e-mail her on

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About Zelna Lauwrens

Equal Zeal founder, Zelna Lauwrens, has 14 years experience in the educational arena and has taught in a variety of primary school contexts in Durban, Johannesburg and London. She has also lectured Sociology at University level & has been involved in founding, developing & running her own Life Coaching Studio for Kidsâ?¢ on a full-time basis for the past three years. 

She is currently doing her dissertation on Toxic childhood for her Masters Degree in Psychology of Education. As the founder of Equal Zealâ?¢ she develops all services on offer.  Zelna provides training to potential licencees to run her programmes throughout South Africa.  She currently owns two branches – one in Umhlanga, Durban and one in Fourways, Johannesburg.

She is also the author of three books, one for children, one for adults and one for teens.  Her enthusiasm for life is a true reflection of what her business is all about:  creating Zeal for Lifeâ?¢.  Her vision and purpose in life is to inspire & motivate but most of all to empower others to find balance & happiness in their life.