Last updated on Jun 18th, 2020 at 06:34 am

Youâ??ve heard it all before… â??Mom, please fetch me from Kimâ??s house after the moviesâ?…  â??The meeting starts in half an hour, please prepare a presentation on the research you conductedâ?…  â??Mom, I donâ??t want pasta for dinner, I want chips insteadâ?… â??Mom, I need cardboard for my school projectâ?… Your list of tasks gets longer and the hours in the day get shorter! If this sounds like your life, you need Nestlé Nutren Activ, a scientifically formulated, nutritionally balanced daily supplement that strengthens and vitalises the body.

Nutren Active is a nutritionally balanced source of vitamins & minerals

Nutren Activ contains Prebio which improves digestive health. It delivers one third of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals, boosting immunity and heart health. Simply choose from one of three delicious flavours namely chocolate, strawberry or vanilla, mix a serving with a glass of milk and enjoy a nutritionally good day.

Whatâ??s more, your teenage kids who hate the idea of eating anything that is good for them will love it too. Nutren Activ can be used as a meal replacement when you and your family are simply too busy to enjoy a meal. Nutren Activ can be added to smoothies and the like, thereby preventing taste fatigue. These days, time AND money are precious commodities, so youâ??ll be pleased to know that Nutren Activ is also very affordable, providing 14 servings per tin.

Nestlé, the manufacturer of NUTREN Activ, is the worldâ??s largest food and beverage company with extensive experience in the development of top quality Healthcare Nutrition products. Nutren Activ can be trusted to give you and your family a nutritionally good day, every day. To find out more, visit, contact the Nestlé customer care line on 086 009 6789, ask your doctor or find Nutren Activ at all leading South African retailers and pharmacies.

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