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Strike a balance between motherhood & a career

Maintaining the ever elusive balance between motherhood and a career may seem complicated but is not entirely impossible. A fulfilling career provides income stability and positive image building for both mother and child and is an inevitable development in most circumstances. When the day arrives for you to be separated from each other, tears will probably be shed, so weâ??ve sourced a few pointers to help ease you into the transition.

Help your baby make the transition to childcare with ease

If youâ??ll be returning to work, prepare yourself to spend the final few weeks of your maternity leave arranging for suitable childcare options. This could literally take several weeks as most daycare facilities have waiting lists and careful screening of caregivers needs to take place.

Introduce changes gradually by trying to arrange short sessions during which your baby can start getting used to being left with either the nanny or at the nursery. Itâ??s vital to keep care-givers in the loop regarding your babyâ??s feeding, sleeping and playing routines and the issue of emergencies must be discussed.
Talk about how to deal with medical emergencies such as choking, cuts, burns and high temperatures. On this point, it would be of great value if the nanny has up-to-date first-aid training and is able to produce a certificate to this effect. Most Netcare operators and private clinics either provide these courses at a fee [R500] or will be able to point you in the right direction.

Sign consent forms & ensure emergency telephone numbers are available

Nursery schools will probably require that you sign a consent form to enable them to administer any necessary medical care.  Ensure a list of important telephone numbers the caregiver may need is made available. Include your work and mobile numbers as well as those of your partner, close relative and GP.
And finally, remind yourself that these are all precautionary measures and that in reality, accidents and emergencies are a rare occurrence, if ever.

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