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Children have a natural energy for business. Unfortunately this energy tends to be smothered or at least not nurtured by their school and home environments. But in this age of self-employment, entrepreneurship needs to be nurtured from an early age.

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Become an entrepreneur

I started off thinking that one goes to school, goes to university gets a degree, gets a job, gets married, has children, gets old and faces the inevitable.

I started off doing that, but after four years in the corporate world quickly realised I was facing the inevitable demise long before it was time. For the last 15 years I have been running my own businesses. From a young age I knew wanted to become an entrepreneur.
At nine, I started breeding rabbits in my parents’ back yard. They never charged me any rent, my mother’s flowers provided the rabbit food, and when her garden was destroyed she would go to the pet shop and buy more; for which I paid nothing.

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Breeding like rabbits!

Twinkletoes and Benjamin, the sexually active money making machines, produced plenty of fluffy bundles of cash generators. I would need to protect my assets by chasing away the neighbour’s cats on a daily basis.   
My rabbits allowed me new pairs of soccer boots, spud guns and plenty of coca-cola sweets. I was lucky to have such wonderfully supportive and accommodating parents.

Fantastic learning opportunity

But I guess what my parents could have done better was to teach me that in business there were other things like expenses and profit and then what one should do with profit. A fantastic learning opportunity is so often missed by parents.
Children have a natural passion for business and parents can play a fundamentally important role in channeling it.
What drives me? I hate the fact that so many children leave school with no financial skills!
Written by Gregory Bunyard – founder of the Ka-Ching Business Parenting Course.

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 â??We supported the development and pilot of the Ka-Ching! Business Parenting Program for an amount of $70,000.00. The program uniquely combines entrepreneurship principles with parental skills. The program also creates a stronger bond between parent and child.â?
Vicki Shaw – CEO The Shuttleworth Foundation – a leading philanthropic organization.