Here are some tips for creating a perfectly balanced geometric nursery for your little one.

Adding geometric patterns to a room adds natural rhythm and interest to any space, but is especially fetching in a baby’s room, says Claire Cobbledick, Head of Marketing for Gumtree South Africa.

“It can be a great way to liven up a nursery, especially since newborns can’t distinguish colours very well but are naturally attracted to contrast and patterns.”

The key is to maintain balance – too many hexagons, circles and quatrefoils will clash. Here are a few tips for achieving some harmony in your geometric nursery:

Use a rug or wall hanging for impact

A simple a ragged striped rug (Superbalist, R999) carries a lot of visual weight, which can anchor your whole design. “Use it to tie together the room’s colour palette. It packs a real punch and brings some texture to the room. Place it against solid furniture like a cot or compactum.

Add a rustic element

White-washing a few wooden crates (Timberroots, R85 on Gumtree) not only creates instant shelf space, but allows you to display vibrant lattice-print décor items, showy garden planters and colourful vases without clashing.

Keep it small and simple

A great way to add splashes of colour to a neutral room would be to use bunting against the wall or cot.

“Have them custom made, or simple sew together your favourite scraps of fabric to add a colourful theme. Alternate colourful triangles with bold black and white geometric lines and white fabric for instant impact.”

White-wash wooden crates for an instant shelf space

Use pillows and accessories

Placing chevron scatter cushions (Superbalist, R99) on dark chairs or using a geometric ottoman (Mr Price Home, R899) to brighten up a corner turns your functional space into a bright conversation piece.

“Aim for contrast – black against white, white against bright yellow,” says Cobbledick.

Add playful elements

If you are going to use a lot of black, try adding playful elements like cloud pillows (, from R79) or word art.

“Mobiles, pictures and prints can be a great way to soften the severity of dark patterns – and it’s a great way to add surprises to the nursery.”

As with any décor project, aim for high-impact, low-cost features that can be changed with the seasons.

“This is especially prudent when it comes to kids’ rooms, who outgrow a space more quickly, advises Cobbledick. “Look for secondhand items and sell off the things you no longer need to create additional space as you settle into the room. And above all – have fun!”

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