According to the heart foundation, when eating out remember that you are the client and that you have the right to request that your meal is prepared to your preference.
For a starter:

For the main course:

  • Ask for a ladies’ portion when having more than one course.

  • Have two healthy starters instead of a starter and a full main dish.

  • Choose tomato based pasta dishes.

  • Bulk up with a side order of veggies or salad.

  • Avoid the creamy and oily dishes.

  • Sprinkle Parmesan cheese on your food for flavour, instead of adding the cream sauce.


  • Ask for less or no yellow cheese.

  • Ask for a sprinkle of feta cheese instead.

  • Opt for vegetarian toppings, avoiding the high saturated fat meats.

  • Ask for a thin-based pizza. Try and share a thin-based pizza and a salad with a friend.


  • Go for a plain or BBQ basted one, as most of the sauces are cream based.

  • Choose a cut in a ladies’ portion and ask for all fat to be trimmed off.

  • Avoid gravies: rather go for a mint sauce or jelly, mustard, horseradish, cranberry jam or an applesauce.

  • Avoid those deep-fried Cordon Bleu and Schnitzels.


  • A good low fat choice if you avoid the creamy sauces.


  • Choose the grilled or baked option.

  • Low fat choices: Hake, Kabeljou, Sole, Kingklip, Sushi.

  • Beneficial oily fish: Salmon, Mackerel, Snoek, Butterfish.

Vegetarian dishes

  • Watch out for the extra cheese as well as for the deep-fried and battered items.


  • Beware of creamed, sugared, oiled and buttered vegetables, ask for them to be steamed or grilled.

  • Opt for steamed or boiled rice or potatoes instead of fried rice or chips.


  • Have a peppermint to end the meal, rather than a creamy, high fat dessert.

  • Enjoy a coffee, tea or a cappuccino with skim milk.

  • If you do want some dessert, order a fruit salad, sorbet or poached pears.