‘The Skinny on WEIGHT-LOSS Supplements’ is a series of articles dedicated to separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the pills, powders and foods that are supposed to help you lose weight

Last week I talked about how most weight loss supplements are a waste of money unless you get a psychological boost from them that makes your diet and exercise ‘easier’ to stick to…

While this remains my argument on the subject, there is one ‘weight loss supplement’ that is DEFINITELY worth spending money on: PROFESSIONAL WEIGHT-LOSS COACHING.

Instead of spending R700 on a (mostly) ineffective tub of pills that lasts a month, why not spend a similar amount of money on some guidance and programming from a real-life weight-loss expert?

He/she will provide results that are far more certain than any pill can guarantee (if you follow the programme), and you can tailor the plan to suit yourself – pills don’t do that. By the time you’ve found a pill that ‘works’ for you, you may be thousands of rands down.

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Plus, when you’re having a bad day, feeling negative, or have a question to ask, your coach can help. You don’t need a ‘personal trainer’ to hold your hand for an hour a day, just someone to design a plan for you and then help you to stick to it and monitor your progress.

Plus, I’m sure that, if taking a pill feels very important to you, your coach could work up some ‘magic’ placebo pills to keep your results coming in and maintain your dedication to the plan.

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