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If you’re struggling with your unhealthy lifestyle, it’s important to understand that weight loss is not just about looking good, but about looking after your health in the future too…

However one of the best things to focus on may not be the scale. Dropping centimetres off your waist and certain other areas of your body will mean you look better than before, and are also much healthier.

If your waist is 35 inches or bigger (around 90 centimetres) you are at increased risk of various serious health issues. You may also feel like you’re out of shape (unless you’re a really tall person).  If you’re in this group you may want to think about getting a remedial plan going.

The best way to lose inches around your waist is to lose fat. Going on a quick fad diet will usually only help you lose water weight, and will probably leave you feeling listless, frustrated, and hungry.

There are two types of fat that need to be targeted: subcutaneous fat (fat under your skin – the soft kind), and visceral fat (the hard, ‘beer boep‘ type):

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1. Step one

Step one is to commit to a healthy, personalised eating plan.

If you don’t have the time or cash to see a nutritional coach, try these two simple things for a MONTH and see what happens. If you stick to these two things, you will see the centimetres come off:

  • Reduce all your portion sizes by 30%. So if you usually eat a full plate of food you need to eat only a 70% covered plate of food. If you cheat and pile it up, you’re only cheating yourself. Practise this discipline and it will also pay off in other areas of your life.
  • Eat only ‘real’ foods – veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, meat, poultry, dairy, wholegrains.

High-protein veggies & RECIPES that can boost weight loss on a budget

2. Step two

Make some ESSENTIAL yet simple lifestyle changes:

These are not radical changes that require months of preparation. They aren’t difficult to implement, but even though they are simple, they are essential to helping you drop a dress size.

  • You MUST sleep more than five hours but less than eight8 hours per night
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Do things to relax and unwind
  • Deal with your stress in a healthy way – preferably by sweating it out at the gym!
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol – try to stick to just a few glasses over the weekend

Check out these helpful articles on dealing with STRESS:

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3. Step 3

Resistance training is a must, even if it’s just push-ups and sit-ups and air-squats. Do it, and learn to enjoy it. Not only will the exercise help you burn unwanted fat and drop a dress size, it will help you tone your muscles. So that tight-fitting gorgeous cocktail dress that you’ve been eyeing will fit perfectly around your waist – no wobbles!

Strength and resistance training is also good for the future. As you age your muscles and bones weaken. If you want to be fit and healthy, and not rely on handfuls of medication in your old age, get moving!

Do at least three hours of hard exercise per week. 30 minutes, six times or one hour three times.



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