The Hot Toddy range has been developed from remedies passed down through generations, incorporating secret recipes families have faithfully relied on for centuries to assist in treating colds and flu. Today we have the convenience of having these tried and trusted remedies formulated to meet a family’s health needs in the Hot Toddy range of products.

The Hot Toddy range, consisting of seven products, are free from aspirin and caffeine, and can be used to complement other treatments or as an alternative. Perfect for the first-aid cupboard, the range is suitable for the whole family, from children through to the elderly; and includes:

For adults: Soothing Hot Drink sachets, Soothing Cough lozenges, Hot Toddy tea, Fast Recovery capsules and Cold & Flu Relief effervescents.

For the kids: A yummy syrup to help ease colds & flu and delicious tasting lollies to soothe sore throats.

Hot Toddy adults range:

Hot Toddy Soothing Hot Drink

For a hot drink in convenient sachets with the soothing properties of honey and lemon opt for Hot Toddy Soothing Hot Drink to help ease congestion and support the immune system. With high doses of immune-boosting Vitamin C and African Ginger to help relieve nasal congestion and sore throats, Menthol and Ivy leaf extract to help get rid of excess mucus, and Lemon and Cinnamon which are  both high in antioxidants, this hot drink, which can be taken day or night, can assist in reducing congestion fast.
RSP ±R35.72 (8 sachets) / ±R17,82 (4 sachets)

Hot Toddy Soothing Cough Discs

These tasty cherry menthol flavoured lozenges with Echinacea can help to calm and soothe inflamed throats. They also contain Vitamin C and Zinc to assist and support the immune system in fighting off bad bacteria and viral invaders.
RSP ±R53.76 (20 discs)

Hot Toddy Tea

There is nothing quite like a hot cup of tea to help soothe the body when feeling low. Hot Toddy has formulated a power-packed tea infused with aromatic Ginger and Cinnamon, extracts of Pink Rock Rose, a Mediterranean plant containing polyphenols known for its anti-viral properties, Olive leaf and added Vitamin C to assist in boosting the immune system.
RSP ±R53.73 (20 tea bags)

Hot Toddy Fast Recovery

At the first sign of a cold, take Hot Toddy Fast Recovery’s easy-to- swallow capsules. With a powerful blend of Pink Rock Rose known for its anti-viral properties, the powerful immune boosters Olive Leaf and Beta Sitosterols, Vitamin C and B Vitamins, Hot Toddy Fast Recovery can kick-start the body’s defences to help fight nasal and chest congestion at the first sign of a cold.

RSP ±R44.84 (20 capsules)

Hot Toddy Cold and Flu Relief

These easily dissolvable effervescent tablets can help bring relief in times of colds and flu with the timeless formulation of African Ginger, Honey, Menthol, Vitamin C and Cinnamon to help boost the body’s natural resistance against colds and flu.
RSP ±R89.71 (10 tablets)

Hot Toddy for children

The biggest challenge with children is that they are taste sensitive. This is why Hot Toddy’s range for children has been specially formulated to ensure our remedies help win the taste battle, while providing all the goodness and support needed during a bout of flu.

Hot Toddy Kid’s Sore Throat Lollies

A clever idea for little ones are the Kid’s Sore Throat Lollies. Specially designed to entice even the most fussy eater in the form of a lolly, our formulation includes Vitamin C, Echinacea extract, Zinc, Lemon juice, Honey and Menthol to help soothe sore throats and to help boost the immune system naturally.

RSP ±R71.79 (12 lollies)

Hot Toddy Kid’s Cold & Flu Syrup

Based on age-old recipes used by our ancestors, the strawberry flavoured Hot Toddy Kid’s Cold & Flu Syrup can help to reduce the severity and length of colds and flu. It contains Echinacea, Pine bark and Ivy leaf extracts to help stimulate and strengthen the body’s immune system and to assist with fighting off infections.
RSP ±R117.31 (200ml)

The Hot Toddy range is available at Dis-Chem, Clicks and leading pharmacies nationwide.

Prize: WIN 1 of 12 Hot Toddy hampers worth R500 each

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