Do you struggle to fall asleep? Do you wake up more tired than you went to bed? Are you drifting off in front of the TV, but unable to sleep in your comfy bed? Or do you wake up early every morning, despite your exhaustion?

We’ve all struggled to fall, or stay, asleep at some point in our lives. Insomnia can be caused by a number of things – anxiety brought on by stressful situations in your life, a brilliant idea your brain is toying around with, or maybe you have a big day ahead of you and you can’t stop running through your ‘To Do’ list.

But are you guilty of other bad bedtime habits that might mean you’re not getting the most of your time in bed? Read on to find out…

Above: We’ve all heard that artificial light that comes from our phones and TVs can be detrimental to our sleep. But do you know why? Melatonin is the hormone in the human body which regulates sleep and wakefulness. The blue light from your LED screen can slow down or stop the production of melatonin keeping us up longer than we’d normally stay awake.

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Consume caffeine

Caffeine, whether in tea, coffee or fizzy drinks, is a stimulant and can be considered a psycho-active drug. Not only does it disturb your sleep, but it disrupts your body’s internal clock. Avoid consuming caffeinated drinks in the hours leading up to bedtime.

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