We all do things by rote in the kitchen because it’s how we were taught. If you have ever wondered why we use certain tricks, though, then this article is for you…

Why do we swirl wine before drinking?

It makes it taste better! Not only does the added oxygen make for more taste, but smelly compounds like sulphur have a chance to escape, giving a better drinking experience.

Why hold deep-fried items under the surface of the oil for a second? Why not just drop the item in?

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It’s more likely to stick to other food or the bottom of the deep fryer. Allowing it to harden for just a few seconds makes for a perfect crisp coating with no accidents.

Why should spices be stored in the dark?

Heat, light and air can all have an adverse effect on the taste of the spices, causing loss of flavour and oxidation.

Why do we sprinkle spices from high up?

It looks like it should be wasteful, but in fact it creates a more even distribution over the dish and reduces the need for stirring.

Why put a dent in beef patties?

Creating a small depression in the middle of the patty helps ensure it cooks flat without curling up.

Why refrigerate cookie dough?

Refrigerating before cooking helps stop the cookie from spreading too thin, and creates a better texture when chewed.

Hopefully we’ve answered a few of your food questions!