Life is more hectic than ever for everyone, women especially, with so many tasks to juggle. Trying to do it all is often a recipe for burnout, but we do need to find the right balance to get everything done. The key lies in working smarter, not harder. Here are a few ways you can keep your work-life balance in control…

Use the tools around you

Whether it’s a pretty calendar and diary, or the latest greatest organisational app, make sure you’re getting the help you need to stay on the ball.

The easier you can plan to record and use the info you need, the quicker and more efficiently you’ll work.

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Opt for a good to-do list, a good calendar and then look at smart apps like shopping lists, task reminders and more.

Know where everything is

With a rushed lifestyle, it’s easy to become disorganised quickly.

This is where a little planning can work wonders, whether it’s setting up a homework-station for the kids or packing your gym bag and/or work outfit the night before, or simply making sure the breakfast things are all together in one cupboard, because the more you can see the things you need, the easier life will be.

Reduce waste

Humans are guilty of waste in more ways than one.

We’re not simply referring to recycling (although that’s great and more than important.)

Work out what wastes your time and mental energy the most..

Cast out those worries about who to call when maintenance is needed, because you already have a list conveniently placed near the phone.

Say no when it feels good

Saying no when you’re too busy or too tired is perfectly fine.

You literally can’t do everything and it’s easy for important things to slide because you are overstretched.

Concentrate on the things that matter most and exercise your right to say no when you’re overwhelmed.