The Monstera deliciosa is a firm favourite in plant trends. Here’s what you need to know…

No, you’re not going crazy – you really are seeing the giant, fanned leaves of the Monstera deliciosa propping up everywhere, from potted plants to hanging kokedama and even in design prints and textiles. Everyone is paying homage to this once old-fashioned and now gloriously trendy plant, and if you’re wanting one in your own home, here’s what you need to know.

  1. It goes by many names, including philodendron, split-feaf philodendron, Swiss-cheese plant and hurricane plant, but delicious monster is definitely the most fun.
  2. It originates in the tropical rainforests of the southern regions of Mexico and yet they require very little water and thrive indoors.
  3. Its leaves are poisonous so keep them away from pets and little ones who may just them in their mouths.
  4. They’re certainly monsters in size – they are climbers and can grow to over three metres, so make sure you have them in a place with a lot of room or trim them regularly.
  5. If you repot them into a bigger pot, they will keep growing! But don’t do this too often or you’ll disrupt them.
  6. Because they have split leaves or holes, they can better withstand extreme weather, from windy to rainy or dry conditions. They’re hardy plants.
  7. They prefer low light to harsh, direct sun so if you’re keeping them outside, make sure they have a tree or some adequate shade to hide under.
  8. They produce flowers and fruit! The monster belongs to the Arum family, so the flower is similar to a giant-sized lily, while the fruit tastes something like a pineapple mixed with a banana (but make sure it’s ripe – unripe monster fruit are very bad for you).
  9. Providing a nutrient-rich soil is important to keep the plant fed.
  10. Dust or polish their leaves by wiping with a damp cloth to keep them looking shiny.