Lower your cholesterol levels by making these changes

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa recommends the following, to help lower your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Choose healthy fats

Always choose healthy fats when putting a diet plan together. Include cold-pressed vegetable oils, raw unsalted nuts, seeds, avocado and fatty fish in your eating plan. Fatty fish such as mackerel, sardines, pilchards and salmon can be consumed twice a week.

Reduce intake of high cholesterol foods

Try to reduce your intake of foods that are high in cholesterol. These foods may include seafood such as caviar, shrimp, calamari as well as prawns, together with organ meats. Examples of organ meats that are high in cholesterol include liver, brains and kidneys.


Get a 30-minute workout for five days in a week! Always remember to consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise regime or making intense changes to your current one – especially if you suffer from any medical conditions and for some reason are required not to place your body or yourself under any form of stress or strain.

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Give up smoking and also avoid exposure to second-hand smoke as far as possible.

Go for fibre

Enjoy foods that are high in fibre such as oats, whole-wheat breads as well as legumes. Legumes include beans, peas and lentils.

Source: Brochure entitled ’The Fats Of Life’, by Adcock Ingram

While All4Women endeavours to ensure health articles are based on scientific research, health articles should not be considered as a replacement for professional medical advice. Should you have concerns related to this content, it is advised that you discuss them with your personal healthcare provider.