With so many options when it comes to affordable fashion these days, it is easy for everyone to be trendy…

The only trick is selecting the right styles, patterns, and prints for your body type so you can emphasise all your best features.

Honestly, with so many options available, it does make it a bit difficult to choose the right patterns and prints for you. So here are some tips on how you can choose the best pieces for your specific body shape.

Guidelines to bear in mind:

Remember that patterns and prints can make your body size appear smaller or larger. Large prints as well as horizontal stripes actually add more volume to your body.

Apple shape:

If you are an apple shape, that means your bust area is larger than your hips. With this shape, you will want to create a more balanced look. So you will need to go for patterns and prints that will add more volume to your hips and reduce volume on the bust area.

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The perfect patterns that you should go for are those that are large and bright. Choose patterned pants and skirts, but add a solid colour top.

Pear shape:

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A pear shaped body usually has wider hips and a smaller bust. Since this shape is bigger at the bottom, you will need to choose patterns and prints that will reduce volume in this area while adding volume to the bust area.

Tops with large patterns that are brightly coloured are the best choice. Also choose tops with horizontal stripes to add volume to your bust area. For the bottom, go for skirts and pants that have a solid colour or have small patterns, like polka dots.

Straight shape:

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With the straight body shape, your bust and hips are basically the same size. The great thing about this shape is that you can usually wear most patterns and prints.

Go for bold colours, and enjoy wearing prints from head to toe if you want to.

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More tips:

Height also plays a factor when choosing patterns and prints. It is best to avoid large prints if you are short. Rather go for smaller patterns and prints as they will not overwhelm your proportions. Mini polka dots as well as thin, vertical stripes are the best options.

If you are tall, go for large patterns and prints. The bigger and bolder they are, the better.

So there you have it. Now you can rock patterns and prints while accentuating your body shape.