Announcing the royalty of anti-ageing moisturisers, with a technology that’s the first of its kind in SA. Interested? Read more here… then treat yourself!

When it comes to the ageing of our skin, there are three fundamental processes responsible, all of which can be directly linked to environmental influences: cell ageing, breakdown and inflammaging.

The new and modified Dermaheal range actively addresses all these ageing issues with science-based technology that’s the first of its kind in South Africa and quite possibly the world

As we age, our cell turnover becomes sluggish and new cell production decreases by over 50%. The new anti-ageing moisturisers are the ultimate in laser-free skin remodelling and the enhanced formulation is the most advanced Dermaheal complex yet.

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These paraben-free, age correcting moisturisers also have ingredients that prevent inflammaging and effectively suppress any that already exists

  • The cumulative result is a luxuriously rich product, that’s rapidly absorbed, with a deeply hydrating effect.
  • Moisture is locked in throughout the day and environmental irritation and redness reduced. Improvements in texture, skin firming, fine lines and wrinkles may be expected.
  • Faster wound healing is another Dermaheal advancement.

Introducing the new Dermaheal products in the range:

Dermaheal Cellular Repair Cream (50ml) can be used twice daily – It’s recommended as a corrective measure for normal, dry or sensitive skin types. RSP: R749

Dermaheal Renewal Cream (50ml) can be used twice daily – It’s recommended for dry, photo-aged / photo-damaged skins. RSP: R949

Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream (50ml) used at night only – RSP: R1 620

Lamelle products are available nationwide from accredited Lamelle skincare suppliers and aesthetic doctors.

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