Garden looking a little drab after the winter months? Here’s how to spruce things up a bit…

After the harshness of winter has passed and the days become warmer, you may start to notice some wear and tear on your garden. Crude weather can wreak havoc on your plants, pots, garden accessories and décor that are exposed to the elements. Rain, wind, drought, storms – they can all leave their mark on your garden.

If your garden is looking a little the worse for wear, we have some tips for sprucing things up before the summer months arrive:

  1. A fresh coat of paint on pot plants and decorative items will brighten things up. Sometimes excessive rain can cause paint to bulge and swell, which in turn will break open with warmer temperatures. Neaten these up by first sanding down the previous coat of paint and removing any rust, priming and waterproofing before adding a fresh coat of paint.
  2. Prune any and all scraggly branches and dead leaves from trees, bushes and plants. Over time your foliage can start to look a little overgrown and unkempt, so keep things tidy with a fresh prune and you’ll be helping to guarantee better growth in future.
  3. Check for overgrowth of weeds. In winter, weeds take over thanks to the rains – pluck them out by the root and discard.
  4. Damp can cause mould and moss to grow on unwanted areas like walls, awnings and furniture. Mix together some vinegar and water for a natural way to effectively get rid of mould. If you’d like to keep your moss, you can always transplant it.
  5. Re-invigorate your water-logged soil by helping to drain it and then fertilise it. Have the pH tested and then add the correct kind of soil for an instant boost.
  6. Garden tools should ideally be kept indoors, but if you do have a rake or two that’s been left out in the rain, check for any rusty patches and remove before painting with anti-rust paint.
  7. Wooden furnishings, fencing or decking may require some attention with a fresh coat of varnish sealer, waterproof paint or oil.

A quick once-over is all it takes to have your garden ship shape before spring.

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Happy gardening!