If you’ve finished reading Somizi’s book Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit you’ll probably be excited to learn that Amor Vittone, ex-wife of the late Joost van der Westhuizen, is preparing her own tell-all book

Since the rugby legend’s death in February, Amor has been in the middle of an ugly dispute over Joost’s estate. Now, after growing tired of people’s slander on this topic, Amor has decided to share her own side of the story in the form of a book.

She claims to be tired of being “painted as a bad person and a deadbeat mother” and wants to set the record straight in the form of a book. According to Amor, Joost’s family has accused her of not supporting him in his final moments, and claims that she does not take enough care with their children.

Speaking to Tshisa Live she said: “They said that I wasn’t there at his side in his last moments, but that was because they told us to go somewhere else. I am constantly painted as a bad person, uncaring wife and a deadbeat mother but that is bullsh*t. People do not know the truth and they have not walked in my shoes. I won’t be crucified for something I didn’t do wrong,”

Amor has been embroiled in an ugly battle over Joost’s estate

Amidst accusations that she’s trying to “cash in” on his belongings, she reiterates that she’s fighting for what Joost promised her children.

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Regardless of what you think of the battle for his estate, Amor claims that Joost wouldn’t be pleased to see how this feud has played out.

“I think that Joost would have been sad to have witnessed the bitterness that took place,”

Meanwhile, Afrikaans paper, Rapport, claim that Joost left his family with little more than a trailer, a shotgun, two watches and a bit of cash, as well as some rugby memorabilia. This won’t be the last we hear of this particular story!