Uyanda Mbuli’s personal life is back in the spotlight, following some spicy allegations that she’s chasing another woman’s man

As reported in the Sunday World, Uyanda allegedly made a play for King Maseko, a business mogul in Johannesburg. The accusations were confirmed by Maseko’s girlfriend, Joyce Omphemetse Molamu, who gained fame after accusing minister Fikile Mbalula of impregnating her, several years ago.

According to reports, Joyce wrote on Facebook: “Somebody must get Uyanda Mbuli a blesser so she can stop asking our men for money.”

According to reports, Uyanda has denied these allegations and also pressed charges of intimidation against Joyce.

But Fikile’s ex took a different tone when she shared her side of the story

“King and I have an open phone policy where I can access his phone and he can access mine. So, about two months ago I found the chat between Uyanda and my man in which she was sending him pictures of herself while in Paris. I scrolled further down and saw a message in which she said, ‘babe please send me money I’m funding my show from my pocket’.

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“I freaked out and asked King what was going on. He said he was flirting with her and nothing happened.”

She continued to reveal that Uyanda tried to cover her tracks by suggesting that this contact was for a financial favour.

“She said King owed her money and couldn’t afford to pay her because he was broke. I said that was rubbish as none of the messages she sent to him suggested that he owed her. I’m trying to build a home with King and have a family with him and Uyanda just comes between us and ruins everything,”

Uyanda, meanwhile, explains that Joyce has not only slandered her in public but has verbally abused her in private

“On Monday 10 July 2017, Ms Molamu sent me messages further insulting me, abusing me verbally through her text messages and violating my right to human dignity by calling me a stupid b****,” Uyanda states in a sworn affidavit.

“The above is just one of the many insults I have endured from Ms Molamu.”

Whose side of this dramatic story do you believe?