Learn how to care for these bright and beautiful winter-blooming indoor plants

As far as winter blooms go, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful cyclamen. Those large, vertical, heart-shaped flowers are scene stealers. Preferably kept indoors and safe from the frosty temperatures of winter, cyclamen, a bulb plant, will brighten up your home with its vibrant and abundant display of colour in white, pink or red for up to eight full weeks of bloom!

To keep your cyclamen thriving, here are some handy tips:

  1. Cyclamen love the cold, so keep the pot somewhere cool and shaded but well ventilated.
  2. Use well-draining potting soil with a medium that hold onto water effectively. These plants like to be kept moist, but only at the root ball.
  3. Keep the root ball moist and water every couple of weeks when the soil is beginning to feel dry to the touch.
  4. Water only from underneath the leaves and not from the top. Water that touches the stems or leaves will cause rot.
  5. Don’t fertilise too often or the plant will have trouble re-blooming in the next flowering season.
  6. After blooming, allow the cyclamen to go dormant and continue to care for it until it blooms again in a few months’ time.

Happy gardening!

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