Adorning your little one’s room is so much fun! As they grow and develop little personalities (or big ones!) you can change up and evolve their décor to suit their needs and personal tastes. There are such lovely ways to decorate and an abundance of options for every little growing boy and girl.

Here are some of our favourites that you can either buy or DIY:

1. The triangle shelf

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Extremely popular and widely available, the triangle shelf is super cute and big enough just to fit one or two favourite pieces, like a treasured picture frame or pot plant. Arrange a few of them together for a feature.

2. The bookshelf

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This updated floating design has been borrowed from those old-fashioned children’s library bookshelves that showcased the book covers instead of the spines. Help facilitate your kids’ love of reading with a beautiful display of all their favourite story books.

3. The house shelf

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Much like the triangle shelf, the house is a novel way to display little teddies or collectables in a cute house shaped shelf.

4. The box collection

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Upcycled crates make for a lovely collection of box shelves to display toys, books and treasured items.