Teach your kids about drinking healthy beverages

If you have young children, it may be a good idea to start teaching them about drinking healthy beverages as opposed to the high sugar-laden ones that are available in the market. This will help them to make better choices when purchasing or ordering their own beverages, as they enter their teen years and are older.

Why are sugar-laden beverages bad for you?

Briefly explain to your child about the ingredients added in the manufacture of some high calorie beverages. Make them aware that, although these beverages may be consumed once in a while, it is not a healthy option to have on a regular basis.

Furthermore, excess sugar is not good for their teeth. Apart from dental problems, it can lead to other health conditions such as diabetes and even lead to weight problems in the long term.

Buy your child a water bottle

Consider buying your child a water bottle to encourage them to consume more water. Perhaps allow them to choose one in their favourite colour or one that has their favourite animation character printed on it. Just remember to keep the message simple – water is healthy!

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Source: HealthLine.com

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