Amid the plethora of incredible functions of plants, from healing and medicinal to providing oxygen and nutrients, is their ability to clean ‘dirty’ air. Rooms that tend to get stuffy or damp or where chemicals are used with poor ventilation, are ways in which your home’s air supply gets polluted.

Of course nothing beats a nice fresh breeze through an open window, but in chillier climes and in areas of your home where this isn’t an option, keeping a hardworking plant nearby is a brilliant and effective way to keep your family breathing easy.

These amazing plants are just some of the low maintenance indoor plants that are readily available to help you take control of your home’s air quality and help keep your loved ones safe from harmful toxins:

1. Weeping Fig

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2. Bamboo Palm

3. Gerbera Daisy

4. English Ivy

5. Spider Plant

6. Rubber Tree

7. Aloe Vera

8. Philodendron

9. Peace Lily

10. Boston Fern

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