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Nokia recycling phones near you 

A recent Nokia survey [6500 respondents, 13 countries] has revealed only 3 % of cell phones are recycled and awareness that mobile phones can be recycled ranged from 80 % in the UK to 17 % in India. If every Nokia user recycled just one unused phone at the end of its life, we’d save approximately 80 000 tonnes of raw materials

The Nokia: we reduce campaign calls for old Nokia devices

The  “reduce, reuse, recycle” campaign calls for the return of old Nokia devices, as well as  any other manufactured mobile devices to be dropped in the bins. Nokiaâ??s search facility helps you locate bins where you can toss your old phones into.

There are take-back bins placed in 50 locations around South Africa

South Africa is included in Nokia’s global recycling program which spans 85 countries and close to 5000 take-back sites. Nokia has placed take-back bins in over 50 places around the country and devices collected will be forwarded to qualified recyclers for the responsible reclaiming of materials.

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Recycle a phones and help build a park bench


According to Nokia, “up to 80 % of any Nokia device is recyclable and precious materials within it can be reused to help make new products such as kitchen kettles, park benches, dental fillings or even saxophones and other metal musical instruments.” Read more about Nokia’s we: recycle program here.

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