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‘Period panties’ are what SA women of all ages have been waiting for! No more embarrassing leakages and stains on your clothing

This unique range of underwear finally makes its long-awaited and highly-anticipated way to South Africa. MODIBODI performance underwear is what women have long been asking for!

Practical underwear can be sexy too

Not only do they promise the absorbency of up to two tampons, but they’re beautiful too. Whether you’re a full pants type of girl – or love to feel sexy in a thong, there’s a style for you!

I’ve just tried a pair of period panties and I’m loving them

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I ordered a full pair (I like to have support and coverage for my tummy when I’m feeling bloated) and a pair of cheekinis for my teenage daughter who likes her lingerie to be lacy and feminine.

We both love the silky fabric and comfy fit – as well as the confidence they offer. They’re ideal for young women whose cycle hasn’t yet regulated, so they need to be prepared all the time, as well as women who are approaching or entering menopause – and skipping periods or don’t know when to expect them.

Available in different styles and protection levels

Cheekini style

Available in different styles and protection levels, this range is specially designed for women of all shapes, sizes and ages, whatever their daily needs.

Choose from super light, light or moderate absorbency – in styles ranging from thongs to full briefs – and including boy leg, classic bikinis and my favourite – the sensual high-waisted bikini. They’re also available in black or white but I recommend black – a more practical colour for this time of the month.

Here’s how they work:

The leak proof patented Modifier Technology replaces failing underwear and panty liners, tampons and pads. Made with a natural, antimicrobial top layer that quickly wicks moisture through to an absorbent, antimicrobial middle layer, and a breathable, waterproof barrier, women will be able to stay protected, dry and fresh every day!

“With an absorbency level of up to two tampons, as well as a promise to keep you dry all day long, no matter what you are doing, MODIBODI is a must have for women everywhere! This is technology; this is the new wave of underwear…”

Look good. Feel good. Do good

This range is the first offering from FEEL GOOD & CO, a retail and distribution company that houses innovative and amazing products from South Africa and around the world. Established in 2016, the company was created by Stefanie Pereira and Sheldon Sham with the vision to provide South Africans with unique products that not only makes them feel good, but allows them to do good as well!

“Our mission is to provide an online retail and distribution hub in which this process can happen in a fast, easy and efficient way. These products will make customers feel and look good and in turn provide a platform to help others in need as well.”

And with their first offering, FEEL GOOD & CO is well on their way to doing exactly that…

“All of our products will be linked to a cause, and we’re very excited to launch our first product in collaboration with a very worthy cause.”

JABULA DAMES is a group of ‘regular people’ who have found a common interest: Reminding women and children of their value in this world. Their current mission is collecting sanitary pads to give to young women in need.

“This was a perfect match for us!” says Stefanie “We will donate a pack of pads for every five purchases of underwear. We are looking forward to collaborating with different organisations as well as with retail outlets, large or small.”

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Modibodi Technology: Watch how it works