This was quite a shock, not only because it was true, but that it had affected someone to such an extent it was necessary to be mentioned. Plus, I didnâ??t label myself as a pessimist â?? I thought I was more of a realist.

So what was I to do with this information? I had an honest answer to a valid question. Pessimism was a quality that I didnâ??t admire at all, yet I was one of them! I could have justified it by saying to myself that I am just a cynic by nature, or I could change my attitude. I chose to become positive.

â??Any fool can criticise, condemn and complain, and most fools do.â? – Benjamin Franklin

It was not easy to find lovely things to consider

Years of same thinking certainly does not bode well for a change in future thought patterns. These habits were well set in stone and I knew full well that it takes at least three weeks to instil a habit, and six weeks to break it.

Problem was, that I had been a negative person for the past 30 years and this was not going to be a habit that would be broken in six weeks! Being negative was a very big part of my personality it seemed. What a shock!

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So what did I do? I started by taking note of everything that came out of my mouth

Whenever a negative phrase was uttered I made a point of saying two positive things: One to cancel out the pessimistic one just spoken, and the other to leave a positive end to the sentence. This required a lot of effort, but hearing my words taught me to listen to my thoughts.

After all, words arise from what is inside the heart and mind

So what I had to do was to check my thoughts! The penny finally dropped and I started to make a concerted effort to think positive things â?? it didnâ??t matter in what context or situation.

It took me almost two years to make the new thinking a habit.

Now I have met many many people who are just like I was

We are bombarded daily with unpleasant stories either on TV, through the words of gossipers and those that judge, so it is quite hard to get away from it. We also love to complain as we get a lot of attention and sympathy.

Many friendships start with two people who gossip over the same person or moan about the same situation. We gravitate towards those who are like-minded: birds of a feather. This is normal. However, when you want to change your outlook on life to a more positive one, it does become difficult to find others on the same path, as I have found.

Changing your attitude definitely helps you to look years younger, your health will improve and so will your relationships with others

Are you one of those pessimistic people who cannot see the good in any situation?

Is it hard for you to believe that everything happens for a (good) reason? Do you believe that the sun never shines on you? Do you think that everyone is against you? Do you find yourself looking for that flaw or wonder if pulling that string will undo all your hard work? Do you think that pessimism is your guarantee to no more heartache or disappointment?

Why not take a walk on the happy side for a change?

Life offers twists and turns, but with a positive mindset, each day is a pleasure. You will find it worth your while in the long run. Instead of listening to gossip, would it not behove you to offer encouragement and a way forward?

I know that this road is not easy to travel at first. All I can promise is that your outlook and quality of life will improve drastically.

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Love and light